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The economic crisis in the world about eight years ago has caused considerable damage in our society as a whole. It has caused painful injuries in the financial life of all countries around the world, whether for large companies or for private individuals.

Budget shortfalls are hitting all sectors and most people can not improve their way of life. Some of them can not even follow the lifestyle they had before. As we speak, the wounds are far from being healed and each of them is still facing the search for relief or even total healing. This discomfort encourages the society to seek solutions on his entourage since the battle is lost in advance if one tries to get by alone. The credit system proves to be the main way out of the obstacle to an objective. It allows the recipient to realize dream projects or acquire assets that are deemed out of reach without a shoulder.

Trust solicitation

The obligation to go to a creditor is inevitable in order to enjoy his help and then to get rid of his own importunity. When one is in difficulty and can not do without the help of others, it is better to have the confidence of these rescuers. The word credit came from the Latin ” credere ” and translates as “to believe”. The action of lending is based on the belief by the lender that the person to whom he is lending something will return his money on time. Thus, when a bank or any financial institution grants a loan to its client, it is because it is certain that it is capable and will actually repay.

The foundation of the credit system

Credit is a sum of money allocated by a creditor to a person. The latter makes a commitment to repay this money with interest and for a specific period. This operation allows the debtor to carry out his projects in advance without waiting for years of savings. Banks and financial institutions of all kinds offer various forms of credit on the market to persons who fulfill the conditions of obtaining. These loans are different depending on the profile of each subscriber and the purpose of their application. The main thing for the creditor is to have the assurance that his money will be repaid with interest, while the debtor gets full satisfaction. Because of the variety of needs a person may have, one form of credit is tailored to a specific project while another is suitable for separate cases. As a result, the financial organizations have studied all probabilities of needs and propose solutions that are compatible for each situation.

Categories of credits that can be found

In addition to the many forms of credit that differentiate according to projects, the durations are not the same. Can be from a few days to decades, credits are defined by “very short-term credit”, “short-term”, “medium-term”, “long-term”, “very long-term” and “Indeterminate credit”. There are basically two categories of loan on the market. Real estate loan and consumer loan.

Mortgage loan

The mortgage is intended primarily for people who have projects related to housing. There is the mortgage loan, the housing savings loan, the zero interest loan and the loan agreement. In general, applicants for these types of credits must provide personal contributions. The type of home loan they can obtain may be different depending on the specific details of the project.

  • The mortgage

    Classic is intended to finance the purchase of a house.

  • To finance the construction of a home,

    housing savings loan

    is suitable.

  • The zero interest loan

    is available if you want to renovate a residence.

  • The loan agreement

    is suitable for people who plan to expand their home.

Ready to consume

This type of credit is probably the most frequent and the most requested from institutions specialized in the financing sector. It is a little easier to conclude since the applicant does not have to provide a personal contribution. It can be requested for service financing or purchases of specific goods such as cars or furniture. To build a simple cash flow is also possible with a consumer credit. The most common are the assigned loan, the payday loan and revolving credit.

  • The appropriated appropriation

    is used for very specific purposes that will compel the plaintiff to justify the details of the loan. The purchase of a vehicle or the performance of repair work are the most financed. The funds, once unlocked, are instantly paid to the seller or service provider. The credit is however dependent on the realization of the project: if a car loan has been contracted for the purchase of a car, the credit will be terminated if the dealer does not deliver the car and at the same time if the loan applicant does not get his credit, the purchase will be null and void.

  • For projects a little indeterminate,
  • the payday loan

    is the best option because the exact use of money is not the subject of any question. The subscriber does not have to justify why he will spend that money. He has full freedom of use once his loan is paid to him such as going on a trip or shopping.

  • The revolving credit

    is simply a way of putting aside money that can be used in unforeseen situations. Its duration is indefinite since each time the debtor pays a monthly installment, a new repayment period begins.

There is also another form of credit called “


That can be found in two forms: leasing and renting. This practice is to give the borrower the opportunity to take advantage of a property and the repayment is always done constantly.

It is important to let everyone who wants to borrow money know that these lenders are not the only ones who can help. When you want to get financing, two or more people can borrow money from each other. This is a

loan between individuals

banks have no right to interfere between the two negotiators. However, the papers are to be legalized even if there is trust between the two protagonists.

Features common to all these different types of loan

Although these forms of credit are different from each other, there are some common details that should not be overlooked.

The lender’s profile

A candidate for a credit must have a convincing profile. The amount a borrower can receive depends on the relationship of trust that is often calculated by accounting methods. The repayment capacity of the claimant also plays an important role that will influence the decision of the lender. For the lender, some criteria are to be taken into account during the negotiation of the contract such as the age of the applicant, the sources of income and the debt ratio. It is these small details that will determine the extent of the risks that the creditor takes. When these risks are minimal, the lender will have more confidence and will grant more loans with a lower interest rate.

The credit rate

The applicable rate is determined and included between the reference rate and the rate of wear. The floor and ceiling rates are respectively from the central bank and the Banque de France. The interest rate is in a way a cover for the creditor on the risks he incurs by lending his money. It is also the compensation he needs to keep his business going.

In general, it is

the overall effective rate

which defines the total value of a loan because it is the actual rate of credit. The interest rate applied by the lenders can take three forms, the fixed rate, the variable rate and the revisable rate.

  • Fixed rate

    remains constant throughout the duration of the contract and it is at the beginning of the negotiation that it is decided.

  • The variable rate

    is revalued according to the reference rate applied between banks in the euro area.

  • The revisable rate

    is a limited variable rate to protect the borrower from the rising level of interest payable.

To subscribe to a variable or revisable rate credit, you must have a notion of accounting, hence the need to call on a specialist. If the duration of the contract is relatively longer or shorter, the borrower is exposed to unpleasant surprises if the reference rate ever increases.

How a loan works

How a loan works

The formalities to be followed are almost identical for all the forms of credits mentioned above. The tactics to use such as a comparison and a simulation are also the same and absolutely necessary to find the best offer. The use of computer tools and the advice of professionals can bring beneficial ideas.

For a traditional bank, it is enough for a borrower to gather all the useful files and to go to the lender selected beforehand. After some modalities such as the signing of a sheet that is well understood already filled, the lender immediately gives an answer in principle to his client and will send him within fifteen days following a credit offer.

This step is all the easier thanks to the tools made available to the applicant via the internet. In fact, to obtain an online credit, after having made a simulation of its credit online, just fill out a form on the site of the establishment which seemed to us the most advantageous. The bank will then send a reply in principle by email.

It should be noted that each subscriber has two weeks to think from the receipt of the offer to cancel his application. This period of reflection is called a withdrawal period and if it changes its mind, the documents of the credit offer are provided with a detachable slip previously intended for this purpose.

Do not forget that a credit is made to be repaid and actually commits you, so proceed with wisdom and caution if you are forced to borrow.

All about payday loan

Many needs of the most varied encourage a household to find additional money to make ends meet. Indeed, as a family grows, parents are faced with many concerns. Additional rooms are needed with the furniture that goes with it. The purchase of various equipment and furniture is inevitable, as is the renovation and layout of a little-used room. They will also need a larger car to take the kids to school. The necessities are numerous for each household whose financial and family situation differs from each other. It may also be that they do not want to touch their family budget even if the obligation is very urgent. The best alternative is to find another source of money. Generally, to get to their end, most of these families take the option of seeking the help of their bank or that of a credit agency. It is therefore a question of borrowing the necessary funds for the project without having to draw on personal savings. This funding also rules out waiting for years of savings to raise the capital.

The main features of the payday loan

When it is about to make additional expenses outside the daily needs, it is essential to use the credit system. In addition to loans to finance the purchase of a home, banks, cooperatives, specialized financial institutions and other credit institutions propose to use a consumer credit. This credit system is intended to finance the needs of individuals wishing to improve their lifestyle that they make a personal contribution or not. Many forms are available to customers such as the affected loan, the payday loan and the revolving loan. Especially for the cases mentioned above, the payday loan is the most appropriate because it is often used to finance indefinite expenses.

A form of consumer credit without proof

A form of consumer credit without proof

The payday loan is a credit without proof that gives much more freedom to the applicant, especially since the monthly payments are constant during the contract period. Unlike an assigned loan, the borrower does not have to provide vouchers for a purchase such as a purchase order or an invoice. The purpose of the loan is also not investigated. In other words, the person does not face the need to specify his project or to reveal why he needs help. Even people registered by the Bank of France can apply for a loan in this form provided that their debt ratio does not exceed one third of their income. The requested amount may reach a certain limit and be awarded without any subsequent verification of the exact use. The payday loan thus gives the borrower the advantage of protecting his privacy. It is the fastest solution to alleviate the urgent need for liquidity for the renovation or insulation of a roof, the acquisition of a means of transport and the purchase of any property. With the borrowed money, the loan recipient can simply go on a sightseeing trip or make any other project that is important to him or just build cash.

The different uses of a payday loan

Different types of payday loans are available on the credit market, be it for a simple cash flow, for leisure activities, to buy a car or to carry out rehabilitation work.

  • payday loan for works

    payday loan for works

Whether you are a tenant or owner of a primary or secondary residence, the payday loan for work is appropriate if you have concerns about your home. It is advisable if a development is planned in a close deadline or if repairs are inevitable in the house. In addition, it is a quick solution to equip your home with new appliances and furniture. You can ask up to 75000 euros repayable for a maximum of five years with a possibility of redemption. The Global Effective Annual Rate is applied to define the cost of the credit.

  • payday loan for car

    payday loan for car

Same principle and condition as the payday loan for works, the payday loan for car must be adapted to the financial situation of the applicant. The borrower can file his application freely without a single question being asked about the use of the car. He can buy any car to his taste, and even a motorcycle or a caravan that will be very convenient during the holidays with the family.

  • payday loan for leisure

    payday loan for leisure

It is possible that at some point you will want to please yourself or enroll your children in a sports or cultural activity. The payday loan for leisure is an option for your project. There are not too many differences with the two previous loans except that with the payday loan for leisure, you have enough room for maneuver. The maximum amount of credit is much lower and may be different from each other, and that for each lender. This loan is made to finance any project that has a direct or indirect relationship with the leisure. With the money you get, you can buy new, more sophisticated, contemporary devices instead of old ones that you think are no longer fashionable. The funds received may also allow you to offer a cruise between lovers.

  • Personal cash loan

    Personal cash loan

The last form of payday loan is the personal cash loan. It is a credit that is used to finance a wide variety of expenses such as organizing a wedding, financing a study or other unforeseen expenses.

In any case, be aware that the repayment of monthly payments must continue even if the service obtained is not satisfactory or the goods purchased do not meet your expectations.

How to get a payday loan?

All requests for credit in any form must follow pre-established steps. In order to obtain a payday loan, an applicant must have a profile that presents the least possible risk for the lending bank. Since the bank or credit institution must know all the information about you, you have the obligation to collect some documents such as the IDs that are still needed. You also have to provide proof of the stability of your income. This evidence will allow the lender to verify that your repayment capacity is reassuring. This is how we can assess your debt ratio in case you are listed in the Bank of France.

A simple step

A simple step

To begin, do not hesitate to use the simulators offered on specialized sites. This simulation helps you to know the total cost of your loan, the monthly payment, the applied rate and the cost of insurance which is optional. Thus, you can make comparisons between the offers offered by different lenders. However, pay attention to some details that should not be overlooked such as interest rate and miscellaneous fees for records. Remember that everything depends on your family and financial situation. This profile will then play an important role depending on the amount of the loan and its duration to reduce the risks that the lender takes. These risks may in turn increase or decrease the interest rate applicable to your credit.

After this process of simulation and comparison of offers, you will have an idea of ​​how your next credit will be. You can now choose the credit institution that you think is the most interesting. The latter may be your current bank or any other organization whose offer seemed to be much more advantageous. For physical banks, you have to go there with the files in your hands. But in both cases, online or traditional bank, you must fill out a form on which the criteria of your profile must be detailed. Specific information should be mentioned such as your age, your profession, your property value as well as your outstanding debts and finally the fixed monthly obligations. After the signature of this card which must be certified on honor, you will know on the spot if you are or not accepted to benefit from a payday loan. A proposal for a credit agreement will be sent to you by mail if the answer is positive. For a period of 15 days, the requirements of the credit agreement offer can not be changed.

In order for the money to be available, you must ensure that the contract complies with the appropriate legal orders. Then, it is the final initialling which will make it possible to unblock the funds. However, there is always a possibility that you change your mind and want to give up your loan application. Be aware that contracts can be terminated without you having to run the risk of being penalized. From the contract files, you can disassemble the slip specifically designed for this purpose. Fill it out and within 14 days, you can return it by registered mail to your bank or lending agency after signing it of course. In any case, remember that a credit creates an obligation and must be repaid. To be more serene in your approach, consult a specialist advisor for more distinct explanations and personalized follow-up.

Credit without proof of income

Do you need quick financing to make your projects a reality? Credit without proof of income is the solution that best meets your expectations. Offered by credit agencies, this loan allows individuals to benefit from an accelerated process between file processing and the release of funds. Because you will not have to prepare a complicated file, the process of granting a credit without proof of resources is simplified and you can easily access it through the websites of financial organizations offering this loan formula.

Credit without proof of resources: who can access it?

Credit without proof of resources: who can access it?

Put at the service of individuals, the credit without proof of resources is accessible by everyone, and even people stuck by the Bank of France. What’s more, the application process for this loan is made easier with the unsupported credit application forms available online, which you can fill out quickly before sending everything with just one click. The spatio-temporal constraint is thus erased with this loan, which you will easily find by going through the remote simulation sites and the credit comparators which bring together the best offers of the numerous French credit agencies, and this, on the basis of your own data, including the amount to borrow, the type of credit requested and the repayment term.

The credit without proof of resources will suit you if you have financial worries. You will not have to provide pay slips and other bank statements. This is the perfect solution if you have to find money quickly to get you out of this situation. What’s more, you have the opportunity to compare the offers offered by specialized credit institutions, banking organizations, cooperatives and online banks. With a credit without proof of resources, you will be able to freely spend the unblocked funds, because it is an unallocated loan. This implies that you will not have to explain to you the final use of the money that has been lent to you. Whether for shopping, organizing a trip, engaging in landscaping, etc.

Immediate credit without proof: the procedure to follow

With immediate credit without proof, the ceiling is set at 3000 €. If you are not asked for a piece of your income, you will still need to provide certain documents such as a copy of your ID, proof of residency, and details of your bank account that will be used when releasing the documents. funds. However, the conditions for granting a credit without proof of resources vary from one bank to another, and this will also depend on the amount you want to borrow, the repayment period and the cost of a monthly payment.

Also be aware that the bank that will give you this immediate credit without proof will rely on a certain relationship of trust and your ability to convince him of your seriousness and your repayment possibilities will play a lot in the negotiations. In some situations, a credit without a proof of income will require guarantees that will vary depending on the conditions set by the bank, but you may have to provide a pay slip, ask for help from relatives who will become your guarantors, or still present a pledge determined according to the amount of the loan.

To better get by with the repayments of this credit without proof, always keep in mind that in addition to the borrowed capital, you will also pay interest and any fees. By doing so, you avoid falling into over-indebtedness and will be limited to your ability to repay to determine the amount of the loan.

Successful application for loan without bank proof

To speed up the process, the loan request without bank proof is now done remotely. Indeed, online banks send you an immediate agreement in principle after receiving the loan application, without waiting for you to provide a complete file, which is not the case for the substantial budget loans of type of real estate credit. As you can see, loans without proof of income are mostly consumer loans that you can use to carry out personal projects, buy property, travel or do renovation work.

A loan application without bank proof begins with the very first visit to the website of the online credit agency of your choice. There, you will carry out a remote simulation free of charge and where you will indicate the desired amount and the repayment period that suits you. After receiving the quote, you will be able to complete the forms that will be available to you and answer the automated questionnaires available on the site to build your credit application without income proof and then send your request in just a few clicks. You will also need to provide essential supporting documents such as the documents that will attest to your professional situation, identity documents such as a copy of your identity card, and proof of address.

Because you are going to apply for a loan without bank proof, the best way would be to go directly to the fast credit agencies on the internet that will not ask you for a bank statement unless you ask for a large sum of money. Thus, for a reasonable loan, the answer will reach you within 24 hours after sending your loan application online. And once you have signed all the papers, including the credit agreement, the money will be made available to you. However, even if it is tempting to turn to too fast credit offers that do not bother to check your financial situation, be careful because you will lose the security effect of the limitations put in place to protect customers. as part of a consumer credit.

Credit without proof of resources: borrow with confidence

Credit without proof of resources: borrow with confidence

Whether it’s to solve a difficult situation, deal with an accident of life or manage a dismissal, there are many times when a credit without proof of resources would be welcome to better out. Fortunately, credit institutions are aware of this and offer individuals various financial products that meet an urgent need for financing. This is the case of the revolving credit that you can ask from your bank or a large supermarket to obtain a credit card that will facilitate the purchase of consumer goods. To better manage this credit, which will be renewed every year, it is customary to set a ceiling with the amount you will spend and the duration of the credit. And if you need more money, you can still apply for a payday loan without proof of income if you have strong financial guarantees. But in any case, even if you need urgent financing, take the time to compare the many proposals from French banks and credit institutions to find the offer that best meets your expectations and will be supported by your budget.

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