How long does it take to receive a loan?

It was relocated on Friday, but has not arrived yet. The Fin-Tech Viloan offers a loan with same day payout. The credit will be paid immediately to your own savings account. Do you need an appointment? To what extent does it take to process my loan application?

Payment of the sale price when buying a house

Payment of the sale price when buying a house

All you have to do is transfer all the capital before moving to your dream home. You have agreed with the provider on a time when he receives the fee from you. This date is usually also specified in the emergency contract. The payment must be made so that the credit arrives at the desired date at the dealer.

You usually have one or more loans to buy your home. In a first step you have to make sure that the credit bank transfers the cash. So you have to order the written repayment of the loan to the seller. At that time, I received a small form (not a transfer form) from the credit bank.

First of all, I had to mention the amount of money, the account details of the seller and the date of execution. Note that the post office can take a few days. I too followed this process by telephone, ie I called the bank clerk and asked him if he had gotten the loan, and also on the day of the loan payment I made sure that the transfer was initiated / carried out.

The replacement does not always know for sure what to do if there is one. If the fee does not reach the buyer on time, he can refuse the key handover. In a second step, you need to make sure that you transfer your capital. The complexity of the project is all the greater, depending on how much capital you have invested.

My cash was in four night accounts, two accounts and two current accounts.

My cash was in four night accounts, two accounts and two current accounts.

So you can only rebook a certain amount per day. So you need a few days for the transfer, eg 30,000 to another user account. For the sale of the fund you should plan at least five working days until the credit is in your player account. If I had my own capital on one of my accounts, I made an appointment with the banker.

I have already mentioned on the date that it is about the payment of the purchase price. The appointment and the transfer went smoothly and two days later I had the home delivery. If it is foreseeable that there might be problems with the transfer of ownership, it is advisable not to transfer the entire purchase amount (credit + equity) directly to the seller.

You can transfer the balance to a so-called notary account. This is created by the trustee and kept confidential. The disadvantage is that additional costs are incurred for this process. In addition, the very high amount of money that can be stored there for a longer period, little or no interest. At the same time, you may have to pay off loan installments.

Only when all prerequisites for the purchase process have been met will the escrow account of the notary be paid to the seller. When paying out the loans, you have to take into account the bank conditions. If, like me, you have an account zoo, you start transferring the asset early to another one. Make arrangements with your bank employee to transfer your capital to the seller.

This is the quick alternative if you have a transfer limit in online banking.

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